My 3 Step Framework For Actually Solving Problems: The Failure Stack

If you’re running a team and they miss the mark, it’s easy to toss the blame square on their shoulders.

Leadership Problem: Did I fail to lead them effectively?

  • Did I fail to clearly illustrate the outcome that we’re chasing and WHY it’s important to the business?
  • Did I fail to co-create success metrics for the project, resulting in the team not knowing what “winning” looks like?
  • Did I do a poor job coaching the team through their shortcomings?

System Problem: Were they following a plan or process that needs an upgrade?

  • System? What system? Hmmm…that could be a clue 😂
  • Is the process out of date, inaccurate, or poorly written?
  • Have you established a culture of actually “following the processes”, or simply writing them down and never opening them again?

Person Problem: Did they fail to follow an established system?



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Matt Verlaque

Matt Verlaque

Founder @ High Speed Ventures, fmr CEO @ UpLaunch (acq. 2020). Husband, father of 3 young boys, triathlete, nerdy-nerd.